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Growth And Development - Why Is A Person Short?
Do you want to grow taller? What makes you think that you are short anyway? Looking at a person is not the basis of height. Someone may look at you as a short, but some may look at you as tall. Your stature would be depending on how other people see you. And being not that tall must not lower down yourself esteem. There are certain causes why you do not have that height, and you shouldn't blame it on yourself alone.

There are reasons why people do not have the right height, or most likely as what we term as those who are experiencing short stature. These issues can be treated and some are not possible to treat. One of the main reasons why a child is short in terms of height is because of genetic attributes.

Knowing that your mom and dad have these traits makes you prone to the same genetic composition as well. Because of genetics, being a child of parents that are short in height makes you short as well. There are other physical characteristics that one may inherit from the parents, like for instance the hair, the skin color, and the eye color.

The good news is that, even if your parents are both short in height, you may be able to grow taller than them for about several inches. Because of today's new researches regarding medical technology as well as proven, height programs that really works, a child may grow taller than their short parents. Added to these are also nutritional programs that would help a person who wants to grow taller gain a few more inches in height by getting the necessary nutrition, he or she needs in eating foods rich in vitamins and minerals, which are known to be growth enhancers.

The failure of a person to grow taller and have the body develop, may be due to growth failure conditions that no possible treatment can be done, and these conditions may be categorized as congenital, systemic and endocrine conditions. Some people have their children go through a growth hormone treatments, but the results do not put an end to the doubt if it does work or not.

What is important here is that, you can still take your chances through getting the right nutrition that your body needs. Try living a healthy lifestyle, with frequent exercises, and a complete 9-hour sleep. You may want to see if height programs could work for you. With a lot of determination and persistence, you may be able to gain that few inches you want to grow taller.

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